I am sure you have family, friends, or people you know that ask the one question that can take you off course. You know the question; it goes like this, “Why would you ever want to do that? Why leave your secure job or career? Why can’t you be happy with what you are doing? Why would you risk it? Why, why, why, why, oh my.”

Truth be told, you have most likely asked yourself the ‘why’ question too. The other side of the coin goes like this: people telling you, “You know, you should be a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, real estate agent, teacher, factory worker…” or, “Just go get a job!” and on and on. All of these questions are aimed to just stop you from what you do best and giving your unique gift. The question is designed to take you away from waking up and doing what jazzes you. People are wanting for you what they are looking for in their own lives that does not exist anywhere. Security! There is no such thing as security. At any moment we could be struck by lighting, maybe hit by a car, or better yet the earth is slammed by meteor that no one is talking about. 😉

I, too, have these people in my life who ask the ‘why’ question. In a previous blog I told you that I was in the flooring industry for 22 years. Things were really good and it seemed that there was no end in construction business as the dot com was going good. We had several contractors that had work backed up for months and months. Then someone got the great idea to start crashing airplanes into buildings. Well, there was a big change after 9/11. Can you guess what happened next? Yep, you guessed it. Work stopped cold and we all had to take big pay cuts. So much for the idea of security of a steady paycheck and the job.

It wasn’t long after that I started looking at creating some security for myself and family. I started to attend some workshops on real estate and actually did some great deals, but it didn’t really jazz me with having to go out and find the foreclosure deals or short sales. I was making some good money but I just didn’t have the passion for it. I found out that it wasn’t the good money that was going to finally make me happy and my action of how I was going about doing the real estate showed that. So much for my security shot again.

Then I got involved with human development. I saw the change in people and how they were able to benefit from the education and how it made a difference in their lives. I found myself waking up in the morning ready to jump in and volunteer myself fully for this. It was like my soul had come alive and I finally found what was right for me. I felt like I had a purpose in life. You know the feeling, something you would do even if no one paid you. Yep, that’s what I found and when I did this it was amazing.

What unfolded as I keep engaged with it was amazing. I was able to provide exactly what I love doing and it gave back the opportunity to travel the world providing my unique gift for the tours we did. It took me to places like India, England, Ireland, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Peru, Bali, Canada, Mexico and all across the USA. What’s amazing is that I was able to return to several places multiple times over the past decade. All of the tours were 2 to 3 weeks long and my wife was able to attend some of them too, what a gift.

I don’t think I would have ever had that blessing had I stayed with the security of working in the flooring industry or real estate. I have lots of examples in my life and seen other people have the same be true for them when they provide their unique gift. You, too, can have this if you are willing to risk giving up what is really not there, i.e. your sense of security.

So, now the big question: why do I coach? Well, because my unique gift is like those Russian Matryoshka dolls, it keeps peeling away and revealing something more that I have to offer. I now am jazzed to serve people like you and provide you with insight that takes a lot of time to learn if you are doing it by yourself. Let’s just say that having a mirror reflect back to you is a good thing. I also want to provide you short cuts and tools so that you don’t have to take the long, windy road of life to find out on your own. I have gathered over half a century of wisdom, tools and life experience that have given me an amazing life and I want you to have that, too.

I have had a lot of mentors, coaches and teachers that have all given me profound guidance and tools along the way. A lot of them are still in my life providing that right now. I simply wish to pass it along to you. I am sure you could benefit from it greatly, as I have and so many others have too. I am able to do that in several ways: personal coaching, business consulting, and 1-3 day workshops.

I am happy to say that the guidance from my mentors, coaches, and teachers is the reason that I can answer back to all of the ‘why’ people. The answer is that every moment is worth the risk of not having security; I don’t want to go to my grave wishing I had done it! Then I ask them, “Oh, and by the way, when is the last time you were able to travel the world doing what you love to do?”

So, my question to you is: what is it that you would jump out of bed to be doing tomorrow? I would love to help you clarify what that is. Here is an exercise for you to do:

Make two lists.

The first is 101 things you would like to have. The second list is 101 things you would like to do. This is for your personal life but should also include your business, careers, and passions. It is all wrapped together so let’s work on all of it together. Let’s design it so that no one can distinguish between what is work and what is play for you.

As you make the list there are no restrictions. There’s no cap on time, money, or what you know right now. Let your mind go free with all that is possible. Where do you want to live? Where do you want to go? What do you want to have? If you are working, what is it like when you get there? Who is there and how are they when you walk in? Excited and jazzed too, I hope.

Then, give me a call to begin creating the architecture for your life and business. Let’s build all that is possible. It is just like designing your dream home but this is your life and it’s all possible. Just take the time to really get clear on what that is.

Until then, be true and honest with yourself, refuse to compromise, and, most importantly,trust yourself and your mentors, coaches, and teachers.

Sean Nixon

Experts Advantage



P.S. We can all have a good life, but we can have a great life if we do it together.

P.S.S. Make sure to call with your lists. I would love hearing what your dream life is!