People spend a lot of time designing exactly what they want for their home or for when they build their dream home. They will think about what goes in the living room and how they would like it to flow. What it looks like in the front yard and whether to have a two or three car garage. Should I have a circular driveway or one that comes straight in? They also begin to look at what they could have in their backyard. What does the patio look like? Should we have a pool and a hot tub?

Then, it is off to talk about the kitchen. Should we have a gas range, how many ovens, or what about a center island? Oh, and the bedrooms and bathrooms could be like…and on and on.

My wife and I did a remodel of our home when we lived in Seattle. We spent some time to think about it and made a list of everything we wanted and we even did our own drawings of how we thought it could be designed. We decided to go ahead with the project and we hired a professional to take our thoughts and drawings and turn it into something that the city would approve.

We found an expert that had done lots of drawings and remodels. We were surprised to see our drawings and ideas transformed into the most amazing space. We were wondering why we didn’t get him involved in the project sooner. He was able to take our ideas and add his knowledge and experience to deliver something that we would have never imagined possible.

It was life changing. He turned our ideas into something that the whole neighborhood was talking about. A large open kitchen led into the family room with easy flow and a large master bedroom suite with a marble master bathroom large enough to fit 8 people! The sink was even raised so that you didn’t have to bend over just to wash your face. My wife loved every square inch.

The truth is that most of us need this guidance in all areas of our lives, not just when it comes to designing our homes. Most businesses are not thought-outright away when starting them. They build as they go, adding just what is needed at the time to get to the next step. To give you an example, I am going to relate a house to a business. Most often businesses are built like a house; what if it has seven bedrooms, one bathroom, and no kitchen? People learn to adapt to it. Yes it works, because you are working at it, but without a kitchen you have to adapt to eating out all the time since you are unable to prepare and cook any meals. And with just one bathroom you have to learn how to wait and it becomes a bottleneck in the business.

It is not the intention of the business owner to build it like this. Most have passion for what they are doing with their business and have had to deal with building the business as a side note, knowing that they just need to have this for now or just have to get by until later. Most business owners are putting off adding anything more until the one bathroom and no kitchen no longer works and are forced into doing something different. This is when most reach out for some help as they have finally come to grasp that they are not the expert in this and need some guidance.

As I mentioned, the remodel of my home has true aspects that apply in all areas of my life and business. It is the mentors and coaches in my life that have been able to allow me to design a business that gives me the freedom to live an envious life, working with people that really want the same in their own lives.

Years later, one of my coaches had me list all of my desires and wants. One of them was to have a home on the water, living outside of Seattle.  I did the research of what it would take and together we designed exactly what it would require to make it happen. It surprised me that in a year from designing it, my wife and I ended up with exactly what we dreamed of having, a home on the water.

I know for sure now, that it was not by chance it was by design.


So, what is it that we could be designing in your life and business so that there is no line between them? With the right coach/architect for your life and business, you can have it all.

We have the expertise to help design and bring out the life and business that others will be envious of. It is because of our experience working with people and supporting their passion that helps them really bring to reality all that is possible and what they truly desire.

So, start right now and find someone that can help you design all that is possible, because life is too short to live without a kitchen!

Let’s design a lifestyle that will provide everything you need and want.