What Career Should I Choose? Top 3 Ideas To Help Find The Answer
By: Wes Holyfield

That’s the million dollar question. Choosing a career path is one of life’s most difficult decisions. Even after conquering this arduous challenge most of us may still be uncertain but that’s alright. The reason it’s alright is because when it comes to careers nothing is ever written in stone. What you see yourself doing ten years from now could become a different reality for reasons beyond your control. However, it is important that you are diligent in your career pursuits by doing some self-examination, planning, and research. By making the most informed choice possible you could be one of the lucky few that finds what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Below I have listed a few things to take in to consideration when choosing a career path.

Think About What Interests You

The only way to have a long-term career that doesn’t drive you crazy or in to the grave is to do something you that interests you. There are people in the work force today that have had the same job for thirty or forty years. Those that are happy and healthy are the people who don’t get bored with what they do. The half-crazy or half-dead of this group are those that have no affection for their work. You would be crazy to stay at a job, that you had no interest in, for that long any way.

What Are You Good At?

It will be easier being successful at what you do if you are already good at it. Even if you only have the skills for being good at something, but haven’t mastered it yet, you are ahead of the game. The skills we have are often hard to define ourselves sometimes. If you have trouble recognizing what skills you truly excel at then ask a family member to discuss it with you. I think a family member is better than a friend for things like this because usually relatives are the only people who know the real you. They have also spent their lives witnessing what you are good at doing.

Continuing Education

One possible scenario is that you go back to school for a year or two or three. You can do so much for yourself by getting more education while you consider what career you should choose. For example, you will have time to find out the answers to the previous thoughts above. Typically, getting more education will allow you to begin a career at a higher pay grade. Another thing about going back to school is you could make some valuable contacts that might help you after you finish. The old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know”, has some truth to it.

While you ponder what career to choose try to remember to just be true to yourself. Do what you want to and not what others want you to do. If possible, take your time and do yourself justice by thoroughly examining your aspirations and dreams. With hard work and dedication they could come true one day.

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