I Am Very Skeptical

As the owner of a business for more than 34 years, as well as someone who has been around life for a while, i am very skeptical.

I judge people at face value first, before getting to know them or investing any faith in their words, or action – I am not easily impressed.

I look for inconsistencies, weaknesses and unfavorable messaging coming from others – especially when paying them money.

My initial meeting with Sean Nixon was amazing.

There was not anything I could find fault with during the time we spend together – and you can believe I was looking for something.

He left it in my hands, allowed me to be in charge with the service I was paying for and he came through on all counts, with what I needed from him.

He is bright, experienced, inspiring and impressed me enough to sign up for an ongoing commitment  to his service.

Darryl Whalen
Healthy Painting, L.L.C.
Since 1978

In praise of Sean Nixon!

Do you have technical issues you need resolved?  Or you need a great video produced?  Or you want to hold a live event, but planning it just seems like too much to think about?
Well, Sean’s your guy!  He is very diverse in his areas of expertise in supporting entrepreneurs and you can trust him to get the job done. I can tell you that after several years of working with Sean, I have seen him support and do the “behind the scenes” work fast, efficiently, impeccably and with lots of heart.
He can get technical work systemized and your problems solved so your work is easy and productive.
And if you need a video made, he will do it all from shooting to editing to final production.
He can plan your event down to the very last detail, so you can concentrate on giving your all to your audience.
He is resourceful, so if doesn’t know how to solve your problem, he will find out how and get it done so you are freed up to do what you enjoy doing.
And to top it all off, he is fun to work with!

Carollyne Tomsin

WarriorSage Trainings