Are you finding it difficult to complete projects? Are you frustrated that you are just having life get in your way? Or maybe, it is someone or something that is interrupting you? I have these struggles at times too. I just can’t seem to get it done or even started at times. I know that I need to complete it, but I just can’t seem to get motivated. Or I do something else that seems productive, but it is really just myself distracting me from what really needs to be done. Like… oh, the lawn seems to need cutting today or if I fix this one thing then I will work on that project.


When I find myself in this situation, then it is time to add in the building blocks to my day. What I mean by this is that you need those ‘blocks of time’ that you are the most productive. It could be first thing in the morning, before you get distracted from your original focus. Or maybe, it is in the evening after all the distraction has passed by you for the day. You know the things that can take you out, Email, web browsing, people, phone calls and yes, cutting the lawn. We all have hundreds of things that seem very important in the moment.


When I see this taking over my life like an unwanted weed, I add the blocks of time to my day. I try to do this before the roots grow to deep. Sometimes it takes a lot of discipline as I have get to it before the “roots of time robbers” have deeply set into my day. I have to fight back and start pulling the weeds out of my life, and add what is going to make the biggest impact.


Here are some of the ways I do this. When I get up in the morning and make coffee for my wife and myself, then I head down stairs before we get engaged with conversation that can keep me from reading, writing or meditation. I play the some light music. It is a way of telling myself that I am ready to focus on what needs to be done. I don’t check my email until after 10 am and when I do check it, I  scan for the most important ones that I need to reply too right away, or  to send a really important one.


Evenings can be very productive for me also, after dinner around 7 pm to 10 pm. No one is trying to call me or distract me from what I want to focus on. It is a very creative time for me to work on writing, graphics, design, video production or maybe supporting a client with their project that needs some strategy.


I know that when I am working with other people, the best time is in the late morning to late afternoon. This is the time when I block to build strategy, architecture, solutions, or  moving a group project forward.


Other areas to create building blocks are for delegating tasks. Why should you do this in block time? So that you have a focused period of time that is devoted to taking tasks off of your plate so that you can focus on what you are jazzed to do, and so someone else can be excited to join you in fulfilling what you are up too.


Below are some possible areas to consider building blocks for your life.


o             Writing

o             Free time

o             Entertainment

o             Work

o             Email

o             Relationships

o             Web Browsing

o             Exercise

o             Meditation

o             Group Work

o             Time with Friends

o             Outdoors

o             Coffee Time

o             Yard work

o             Delegation – What to delegate


This is a very short list of the possibilities to gain control over your time.


So, if you ever have that feeling that life is overwhelming and out of control, remember the secret of building blocks of time into your life.


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