Are you constantly overwhelmed with everything that is filling up your inbox and all the advice from everyone? Everyday there seems to be at least ten new things to choose from the latest and greatest. Have you been trying to keep an open mind to all of it, but you just don’t know which one to choose?

Did you know, that by keeping an open mind to everything that’s going on out there, it might be exactly why you’re unable to move forward and why you may be feeling stuck.

Let me explain, I used to keep a very open mind to all the new technology, lifestyles and new business solutions. I was spending all of my time trying to figure out what was the best way to go. There would be a new way to do videos, a new way to do websites, a new way to structure business, a new meditation, new physical workouts, a new way to outsource, new experts about living a fulfilling life and it all landed in my email inbox everyday.

One day someone said that “the key to success is not to have an open mind, but a focused and closed mind.” I was shocked, and waited for the reason why. The reason is, that an open mind can never complete what it started, before something new takes it place. A focused mind keeps the spotlight on the intended outcome and sees it to the end.

So, I went to my mentors for help. This is where my mentors really helped me as they were able to help me sift through all of the noise, and guided me to focus in just one area that would really make the difference in both my personal and business life.

Here is one way to help reduce all of the noise and pick what is right for you.

Get a pen a few sheets of paper. Begin to daydream about exactly what you want right now. Imagine that there are no restrictions with money or time. No restrictions on what you think is possible or what isn’t.

Create two lists. One of everything you want to have and the other list of everything you want to do. By taking your time to create a vision of what you want, this is the first step in building the architecture that would make it all possible for your life.

Once you have the architecture for your life, you only need to add in the pieces that will help you build it, and you can ignore everything else. Example, if you are building a wood house for your life you wouldn’t need to look at any bricks and mortar as they are not needed. Yeah, the bricks and mortar make a great house too, but you are not building that, you are building a wood house.

Knowing what you want to build, allows you to know what to discard and what will help you move forward to attain the goals and lifestyle that you desire.

If you need support for this, or have any questions, make sure you reach out for help. This could be a close friend or somebody you really trust. It may even be someone on my team. All of us are a  part of your support team, so remember to ask!

Lets create an envious life and teach others to do the same.

Until we speak, may all your dreams and life wishes be fulfilled.


Sean Nixon


P.S. Every great building needs an architect, just look at the pyramids.

P.S.S. Remember that were part of your support team, you can just ask. 😉