Good leadership is incredibly important to any business regardless of size. Whether someone is an owner, executive, department manager, or supervisor, good leadership proves to be good for business. Great rewards follow good leadership.

Business leadership inspires employees to achieve common goals. Successful leaders do not demand but, instead, encourage and challenge employees to pursue paths of action that align with a company’s goals. At times, this is easier said than done considering every employee has a different personality and is motivated to achieve in a different way.

Here are a few hints that consistently work:

Inspire – Inspiring employees requires motivation. Owners and managers can never assume employees are self-motivated. Certainly, some employees are self-motivated and try to achieve the best they can for their own self-satisfaction. Others, unfortunately, require that “push” from management. One ingredient that must be present that inspires employees to reach greater heights is a positive attitude on the part of management. Owners and managers must demonstrate and lead by example. When this group is motivated and has the right “attitude,” it is much easier to inspire and motivate the “troops.”

Encourage – Encouraging employee’s means great work should never go unnoticed. Great work that gets noticed gets repeated! It takes such little effort on the part of an owner or manager to recognize someone for great work, extra determination, superior attitude, cooperation, attention to detail, and the list goes on. But, when these above average attributes go unnoticed by the “boss,” these same attitudes start to diminish, as each goes unnoticed. Likewise, poor performance should never go unnoticed. In these situations, positive counseling in private can be the encouragement needed to turn a marginally productive employee into a top producer. Spend a few minutes of worthwhile encouragement and watch what results!

Challenge – Employees should be challenged to perform to the best of their ability. Just as each employee has a different personality; each employee will have different skills and talents. Challenges, therefore, must be communicated clearly and specifically to make sure each employee understands what is expected. Challenging a weak performing employee is just as important as giving praise to the high achiever.

The importance of good leadership should not be underestimated. A plane needs a pilot, a ship needs a captain, a football team needs a coach, and a business needs a leader. Good leaders work at developing their own talents that are necessary to develop and strengthen the talents of employees.

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