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Sean Nixon

How To Create An Envious Life And Business

Most of us have watched something or attended an event and we are all jazzed and excited to get started, ready to implement the new strategies we just learned. Knowing that if we apply even a fraction of what we learned and put some of the new tools into action, we could change our life. With all of the excitement we go to bed ready for the next day.

The alarm sounds the next morning and we can’t even get out of bed. We find ourself asking, “what the hell happened to all that juice.”?  As we get up, our day begins the same it always does. Take a shower, get dressed, pour a cup of coffee, make breakfast, check emails, then drive to work etc. It all starts to settle back in to the familiar groove we know best. Tick-tock… Your work day starts, you begin the same tasks, with the same results. Thinking about the new strategies that we learned from yesterday, but caught up in what needs to be done today.

We do it the same way, because we know that we can get it off of our plate, quick. Hoping for more time tomorrow to implement what we learned, the days  tick by fast, with no new action, finally saying to ourselves, “that didn’t work.”

Wonder what will jazz us next?

How do you bridge that gap between the excitement of “I am going to do this” vs not taking any action at all?

It all comes down to “Consuming vs. Creating.”

As human beings, we are always trying to get the most out of life. Therefore we are consuming the world, looking for relief and distraction. This can show up at working a lifeless job or business, hoping of great retirement. It shows up in our relationships, with family, friends and our spouse.

When we are seeking to consume life it shows up as:

  • Seeking Relief
  • Creating Distraction
  • Looking For Gratification
  • Reacting To Situations

All of this is how we let life and situations control us.  It sabotages what we truly desire in life.

The way through the consuming is to be creating. Creating is when we feel most alive. When we are learning something new and then being creative with how we bring it into our life, the possibilities are endless!

We can use creating in all areas of our lives, work, home, relationships and so much more. Some people will spend more time creating their vacations, then they do creating their business or personal home life.

What does creating provide?

  • Satisfaction
  • Joy
  • Expressing
  • Freedom

Try this on, first find something that you feel is consuming in your life. It could be something at work or at home. Then spend some creative time looking for solutions that would jazz you in getting it done.

Here is an example:

Moving to a new house, apartment or condominium can be one of the most dreaded tasks. There is so much to do and we usually need support. We try all kinds of things to get our friends over to help us pack and move. Bribery for the most part. Beer and pizza has been known to work wonders.  But what if we came up with a different way that made it really fun, like turning it into a costume party and creating it into an event, with the DJ. Or maybe everyone could share a simple memory about the house, the memories that they shared there.

There are also lots of everyday task work that you can get creative about doing.

We should spend a few hours every week looking at how to be creative on getting the tasks that we have for that week done. Could be new creative ways or maybe a new location.

We all have that creative juice flowing, we just need to tap into it so we can feel the joy and freedom of being able to express, and the satisfaction that comes from creating our life versus being consumed.

So make sure to post some comments of the creative ideas that you have come up with about taking care of your consuming tasks or the consuming parts of your life. Your solutions could be someones miracles.


Sean Nixon

Experts Advantage