Asking can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we ask for clarification on the question or questions. It might be asking if the item of food were ordering also includes some extra items. But the one thing most often we don’t ask is for, is the help of others.

I’ve been testing this in various ways for quite sometime. The first place I always test is with myself to see what arises inside of me and my resistance around asking other people for support. The other places that I test are just asking a simple question. “What do you need help with right now?” This question can be direct or on the social sites or websites.

I am surprised, both with myself and with other people. We have a culture that resists asking for support. It seem that if we can’t do it ourselves we’re not good enough. But what I find inside myself and I see with other people, is that they truly want to be to supported by others, there is just a block to being supported. So why is it that we don’t ask for the support that other people are so willing to offering out there?

I think there are several reasons why we don’t ask for support. One is that we are not clear about what we need support for. Another reason for not asking for support is not trusting that someone is capable of doing it as well as you can or better than you. Some might not even begin to open the door for asking for support because of being too fearful of the answer of how much it would cost or hearing the answer we don’t want to hear.

It is often what we don’t know that stops us from moving forward. How often have you not asked for support because in your own mind you felt it would be too expensive. I can relate because I have also done this and continue to do this at times. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s more important to ask and not say stuck in my own mind.

I am often surprised that when I do reach out and ask for support that there is always a solution that fits the needs of where I am at. For an example, having an assistant support me full-time.

The first thing you might think, is that it is way to expensive. This can cost you anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 a month depending on their education.
But did you know that a virtual assistant would only cost you anywhere from $100-$1,000 a month depending on what expertise or specialties you need support with?
A price that is much different than what most people would have imagined.

Often people avoid asking for coaching support. It could be for business, relationship, lifestyle or maybe it is with finances and raising kids. I believe this the biggest mistake of all. Sports is a great example in all areas of how valuable it is to have a coach support you, so that your capable of doing even what you can’t see yourself doing.

Not only with the physical, but with our mental game too. A small nudge from a coach pointing you in the right direction can be the difference between you being extremely successful or not.

Being coached is lot like when mankind was trying to go to the moon. There was a goal and a destination of landing on the moon. They plan and knew exactly the course to take, but did you know that without guidance and constant correction that the lunar module would of never made it? It required correcting the course 97% of the time? Humans are a lot like that, we now what we want, but we need course correction and advice as we go.

Working with the coach is exactly the same thing. Once you have the big goals in place, your coach is giving you slight or big nudges to stay on track and keep you focused on what it is you’re trying to accomplish. This is done with several tools and structures and systems that keep you on track. It’s like having power steering for your life. Sure you can do it on your own, but it might take you a lot longer to get there with lots of effort to you on track. You can arrive there with greater ease and less effort by empowering your coach to support you.

So my question is: “With what and where do you need support?”

I’m here to support you with whatever you need. So take me up on it, and explore the possibilities to make your dreams and wishes come true. Both in your personal life and your business life.

Until then, be true and honest with yourself, refuse to compromise, and most importantly, trust yourself, your mentors, coaches, and teachers.

Sean Nixon
Experts Advantage

P.S. Even Batman has a support team, just ask his butler Alfred.

P.S.S. For those that have never driven without power steering, just turn off the key to the car and try turning the wheel. That is what life is like without support.