How are you sharing with your team? Are you sharing files with them? If yes, are you using email to send the files back and forth? Are you using a USB stick, CDs or DVD’s?
Sharing documents, videos, photos and artwork has become an everyday event. So much so, that we are always needing instant access to the latest versions.

Recently, I have been working with a client that needed a solution for sharing files that didn’t require the use of a USB stick, CD or DVD’s. My client is a painting contractor and his team is always taking before and after photos. They both need to be able to have access to update these photos along with their graphics designs person, so that she can pull the pictures and then use them for marketing materials.

His team is often in different locations around the city, so meeting physically was a hassle.
They also needed the files as quickly as possible and the latest versions. We talked about the different possibilities of sharing in the “cloud.” This was new to him and he was excited about the possibilities. The “cloud” is an online storage system that provides the syncing of files between different devices. For example, between several computers, tablets, and smart phones.

I’m going to share about Dropbox, and there are several other solutions available too.
Dropbox can seem like magic if you have never used it before and it is one of the most useful tools for making sure that you have the most recent files that your team is working with.
I personally use Dropbox with all of my clients and when working on joint ventures. One of the advantages of working with dropbox  is that you can share just the file(s) or folder(s) and not your entire filing system. So, if I want the designer to have just the images and logos, I can share just that folder. If I am working on a Webinar script and video with someone, we have just one shared folder for working with those files.

Here is how it works, when one individual creates a file folder, they have the opportunity to share that file amongst all their team that needs access. Let’s say that you and I were working together, and I was working on a system to help you develop file-sharing. I drafted the document that includes flowchart systems and procedures. Now imagine that I’ve gone out of town on vacation and I didn’t email you the file. That is not a problem with dropbox since the latest version that I had worked with would be in the folder that you and I have shared. Giving you instant access not only from the internet, but also on your computer that has dropbox installed.

This is because as soon as I’m done working with the file and save it, then it automatically uploads to the cloud and will send you the latest copy to your computer. No need for me to remember to send the file as you have instant access to latest version. Now, let’s say that you made some changes to that file. When I come back from vacation, the file will already be updated on my computer so that I have the latest version. Easy and simple!

None of this is very complicated as it works seamlessly in the background after it is been set up. Which would literally only take you a matter of a few minutes to install and login.
And it is very affordable, the Basic that has 2GB+, Pro for $9.99 per Month and an option for Business too.

If you are in business, just ask yourself what your server is costing you per year and I think you will see the value in not having to manage a server and a backup.

This is just one of the many ways that technology can support us in being able to live more life with less frustration.

Make sure that you take the time right now to set up a quick phone call with me and find out how easy this solution can be for your team. Committing 15 minutes of your time that could save you years of  hardship doing it alone.

Again, make sure you take me up on my 15 minute conversation for providing solutions and supporting you with your mission and your livelihood.

Until we speak, may all your dreams and life wishes be fulfilled.

Sean Nixon

P.S. Even Get Smart had support, just ask Agent 99!

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Sean Nixon